Jim Gillen Teen Center

1280 North Main Street, Providence

(401) 632-4077

My name is Abbie Stenberg and I am a certified peer recovery specialist at the Jim Gillen Teen Center.  Even more exciting than that, I am a person in long-term recovery!  What that means for me is I have not found it necessary to use drugs or alcohol since 2013 and as a result I am living a life I truly never thought possible!

Over the last five years I have been afforded the ability to return to college where I am pursuing a degree in social work.  I have become a recovery advocate, speaking out and publicly sharing my story in hopes to help end the shame and stigma of addiction.  My story is a powerful tool that I use to teach people that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE! Not only possible - it's actually FUN!

Recovery is extremely important to me and I try to bring it into all aspects of my life.  I've made it my mission to help educate people about many pathways of recovery. 


My pathway includes a 12 step fellowship, incredible support system, yoga, and writing.

Recovery Coach



Hi, my name is Mark Cardarelli, and I love being in recovery. Being in Recovery has allowed me to open doors and set achievable goals for myself, that I would never have dreamed of before. Through these experiences and opportunities I have been able to build a life that I am proud to share with others.


In my ten years of recovery I have traveled across the country, learned to play softball, and have run numerous 5K's. All of which was achievable because of my recovery. Through active participation in a 12 step fellowship, having positive relationships, personal fitness, and meditation I have kept my recovery first and foremost in my life.

Recovery Coach