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Jim “ Jimmy” Gillen built a powerful legacy over two decades in Rhode Island as a leading face and voice of recovery. He was a recovery advocacy pioneer who taught people to be a visible presence of recovery in their communities. Jimmy believed in the power of one recovering person helping another, and was tireless in his efforts to open new peer recovery support programs. Ask anyone who knew him and they will tell a colorful story about their relationship or experiences with him. Jimmy was engaging, with  an infectious smile. He had the gift of words in his story telling. He connected with others from every walk of life.  


Jimmy was a musician who inspired members of his audiences. He was a community builder, bringing people together in small networks, and thousands strong. He was a persuasive negotiator with policy leaders, funders and treatment systems, where he worked before his leap into peer services. It was hard to say “no” to Jimmy while listening to his grand ideas! His dedication, perseverance and faith built The Anchor’s peer recovery foundation for those seeking respite and healing from the ravages of addiction. His passion saved lives. We are proud to honor Jimmy’s work, and to expand the recovery network he built to reach teens and their families.

- Deb Dettor, Director

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