Failure IS An Option

Failure. The word that is to have us believe it is the end all. We seem to want to avoid failure at every turn. It is ingrained in us. Run from failure at all costs. Failure is not an option. The fear of failure can get ingrained in our heads that it can keep us from fully embracing our goals, our dreams, our recovery. For much of my life that fear of failure fueled my addiction and powered my “ism’s”. That fear of failure transcended my addiction, and held on for many years into my recovery. But that tide is turning. I am changing my vantage point on the word failure. I am trying to look at it as a jumping off point rather than a point to stop. Am I saying that I don’t fail anymore? That I

Recovery in the Outfield

When I first entered recovery, I faced a question so many of us face, now what do I do? I gave myself a choice. I could sit on my hands and hope that time sped up and my boredom would somehow just magically disappear on its own. I chose a different path. I joined a softball league. Profound, huh? So softball keeps me sober. As silly as that sounds, it has, it does, and it will. But it goes beyond just the game for me. It is about challenge. It is about community. It is about being connected to something greater than myself. Let’s take a look. I knew in early recovery I needed to get connected to something. I knew that sitting on my hands and waiting for life to come to me to me was going to

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